Pecos requires Python (tested on 3.6 and 3.7) along with several Python package dependencies. Information on installing and using Python can be found at Python distributions, such as Anaconda, are recommended to manage the Python interface. Anaconda Python distributions include the Python packages needed to run Pecos.

Pecos can be installed using pip, git, or a downloaded zip file.

pip: To install Pecos using pip:

pip install pecos

git: To install Pecos using git:

git clone
cd pecos
python install

zip file: To install Pecos using a downloaded zip file, go to, select the “Clone or download” button and then select “Download ZIP”. This downloads a zip file called To download a specific release, go to and select a zip file. The software can then be installed by unzipping the file and running

cd pecos-master
python install

Required Python package dependencies include:

Optional Python packages dependencies include:

All other dependencies are part of the Python Standard Library.

To use Pecos, import the package from a Python console:

import pecos